3 Stage Spray System - Trailer Mounted

3 Stage Spray System - Trailer Mounted

Designed and Manufactured by Premier Engineering (Qld) Pty Ltd

This is a 3 Stage Spray System that is mounted on a trailer.

Used for spraying chemicals to control your weeds.

Can easily be used to produce Fire Breaks.

It is efficient and economical for applying chemicals.

No longer do you need to get out of your vehicle to change direct of spray – this has a remote control, that can be managed from the front of the vehicle, while driving.

Spraying choices available: (with the click of a button on the remote control)

  • Just the left side
  • Just the right side
  • Just underneath
  • And/or any combination of the above

This will save you lots of time and is much safer without needing to handle the chemicals.

Includes: water tank, water pump, hoses, spraying system, remote control etc

Workplace Health and Safety friendly.

Watch Video below to see the 3 Stage Spray System working

brisbane-city-council-fire-breaksBrisbane City Council are now using the 3 Stage Spray System, mounted on their trailer to maintain their Fire Breaks and have found it to be extremely efficient.


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